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Dr. Karen Abdool

Dr. Karen Abdool MD, PhD

Meet Dr Karen Abdool, a passionate, empathetic, and accomplished physician experienced at helping traumatized people navigate complicated mental health concerns. Dr. Abdool has united her training in refugee mental health, with her understanding of human physiology and immunology to create a unique philosophy of healthcare for people suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma and binge eating disorders.

Beryllium Psychiatric Services Welcomes Black physicians and executives seeking individualized care, to manage the complexities of executive responsibility compounded by racial trauma and microaggression. Dr. Abdool provides a focused assessment of the impact of the unique stresses of racial micro and macro aggressions on mental well-being. She incorporates tools such as trauma narrative therapy, cognitive processing therapy, and health coaching with conventional medical modalities. The result is a treatment model designed uniquely for black professionals.

Dr. Abdool received her medical degree from Howard University in Washington DC where she also received her PhD in Microbiology with an emphasis in immunology. She completed her medical residency training in Psychiatry at the Brigham and Women’s, Harvard Medical School Psychiatry Residency Program. She went on to complete certification in the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and Global Mental Health led by Dr. Richard Mollica who pioneered the treatment of trauma in refugee populations. In addition to working with individual patients, Dr. Abdool focuses education around health issues including the challenging relationship of complex traumatic stress with medical comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular illness. In addition Dr. Abdool is an avid explorer of mental health issues such as depression and suicide, acute and post traumatic stress, anxiety and psychosis in her pursuit of meaningful solutions to mental health issues She works with individuals and groups in her private practice. She is also available for speaking engagements on the effects of Trauma and other mental illness on whole body wellness.