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Support We serve as a collective voice for Black physicians in the New England area and to promote the interest of our members. We advocate for health equity and justice in medicine with a focus on eliminating disparities across the entire health care system. View More Black Physicians Build Your Meet with the Health care community in New England. Grow your network while having a great time at our networking events. View More Social Network Develop A Through our mentoring program, mentees will have the opportunity seek guidance and counseling on career advice and professional skills development. View More Fullfilling Career

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We advocate for health equity and justice in medicine with a focus on eliminating disparities across the entire health care system. As someone who serves on the front lines of health care delivery, elected officials and policymakers need to hear your voice.

Membership Plans

Whether you’re interested in leadership training or fulfilling continuing medical education, the New England Medical Association offers year-round events to help achieve your professional goals.

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NEMA is excited to create a community to provide support and eliminate the isolation felt by many physicians and physicians in training. Through the development of a robust mentoring program, providing a dynamic career development series, and focusing on the wellness of our members, we can change the dynamics impacting how both black physicians and our patients interact with the New England health care systems.

Mentorship/Career Development

The mentorship/career development provides NEMA members with the opportunity to connect with a mentor/mentee. Mentors and mentees are matched according to interest and will create a mentoring plan based on mutual expectations.  In addition, we look to do group mentorship sessions and hold regular webinars and training to empower our members to achieve career goals.

Health and Wellness

The health/wellness committee looks to create programming that allows members to share both wins and struggles without the worry of recourse. This committee will provide programming that will focus on the wellbeing of its members and outreach to the community.  

Advocacy/Health Equity

The advocacy/health equity committee is working to champion initiatives and support legislation that will advocate for issues that impact physicians, residents, and students.  The work of this committee will focus on addressing issues that impact Black communities which contribute to health disparities. 

Upcoming Events

We have many events coming soon and we would like you to join us.









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