Surviving White Coat Trauma and Racism

Special WCT this February 6th

Mindful Compassion and Healing Strategies for Black Physicians

In light of recent events, including the tragic loss by suicide and public threats of violence against prominent black leaders, our upcoming session aims to hold space for mindful compassion and healing strategies tailored for black physicians.

1. Understanding the Risks:
o A talk on the risks of depression and suicide due to racial macro and microaggressions in professional workspaces.
o Discussion on the specific challenges black physicians face when seeking help and support, along with strategies to overcome these barriers.
2. Mindful Body Scanning and Relaxation Exercises:
o Practical tools for navigating traumatizing periods at work.
o Techniques to promote mental well-being and resilience.

We extend this invitation to all physicians, recognizing the shared experiences and challenges that many of us encounter.
This session is an opportunity for communal support, understanding, and the sharing of strategies to navigate the unique pressures faced by black physicians.

See you there!
Dr Karen Abdool